Good Morning Deutschland is giving diversity a voice. It is radio for refugees that arrived in Germany with their cultural knowledge, interests and ideas of a prospective living in Germany. Good Morning Deutschland offers the opportunity to link with each other, to exchange, getting to know each other and to make music together. We broadcast in Arabic, Farsi, German, English


Monday      19:00 –  21:00      Okzident trifft Orient     Diako
Tuesday       9:00 –   11:00      My Favorite Songs            Maysoun
Tuesday      18:00 – 20:00      Germany in Arabic           Ruba & Yara
Thursday   16:00 –  18:00      radioaktiv                            Yara & Kamal
Friday          17:00 – 20:00      Voice of Stuttgart            Silvia & Issam
Sunday        15:00 –  17:00      Elhawa Hawana                Baha